National Crash Analysis Center Library —

A Safety Data Resource

Film LibraryThe National Crash Analysis Center Library is the largest and most comprehensive source of crash test data and vehicle safety reports in the nation. The library currently maintains more than 18,000 crash test films and data reports collected by the FHWA and NHTSA, as well as the most current U.S. Department of Transportation computer models. This information is available to researchers, automotive and safety engineers, and the general public.

Library staff members respond to about 3,000 requests for information each year. The library offers access to several collections and databases, including:

  • FHWA's Roadside Safety Library (RSL), which includes information related to the complex interactions between a motor vehicle, its occupants, and roadside objects during a collision.
  • NHTSA's Office of Crash-worthiness Research Series, a collection of NHTSA's extensive research and development, testing, investigation, and data collection and analysis activities.
  • NHTSA Compliance Series, which provides independent test results of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • NHTSA Defect Investigations, including extensive data related to various investigations.
  • NHTSA New Car Assessment Program (TRD/Docket), which provides consumers with a measure of vehicles' relative safety potential so they can make more informed purchase decisions.
  • NHTSA Biomechanics Tests, which include research and vehicle testing to examine issues related to biomechanics, occupant protection and crash dummy research, development and evaluation.
  • NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 Child Restraint Systems, testing requirements for child restraint systems used in vehicles.
  • NHTSA Intelligent Cruise Control Field Operation Tests, which include NHTSA crash avoidance research findings to develop a broad understanding of how advanced technology can be used to help avoid collisions.

The NCAC Library also provides direct access to such other U.S. Department of Transportation databases as:

The NCAC library maintains a Film Motion Analysis Laboratory for crash investigation and computer model validation. It is also equipped with an Avid non-linear editing system for digitizing and editing films, and maintains and stores NCAC's animation collection.

All library resources are available onsite to the public. The extensive library collection database and crash test films can also be viewed online at The library handles phone and mail order requests for materials, database searches and film and report duplication services, and can arrange validating, archiving and engineering data services as well.

To submit crash test data, please follow the FHWA Test Submission Guidelines.


Hours of Operation: 9:30am-5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday (closed Holidays)

Duplication Services: All duplications require pre-payment and have a normal turn-around time of 2-3 weeks using US Mail. A Rush service is available for an additional charge. See the complete price list detailing film duplication services.

To order films and reports or request further information, please contact the NCAC Librarian by one of the following ways:

Mail:National Crash Analysis Center Library
20101 Academic Way, Suite 203
Ashburn, VA 20147-2604
Telephone:(703) 726-8226
Fax:(703) 726-8358