National Crash Analysis Center Library —

A Safety Data Resource

Film LibraryThe National Crash Analysis Center Library at The George Washington University had been the largest and most comprehensive source of crash test data and vehicle safety reports in the nation for over two decades. The library has maintained more than 19,000 crash test films and data reports collected by the FHWA and NHTSA, as well as the most current U.S. Department of Transportation computer models. The NCAC Library had made this information available successfully for twenty-two years to researchers, automotive and safety engineers, and the general public.

After the conversion of most crash test reports and films to digital media and the availability of the new test data in digital format, this service is no longer required. The original crash test films and reports are currently maintained by the National Archives for preservation. For all inquiries regarding crash test reports and films, please refer directly to the NHTSA-US Department of Transportation web sites:

NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database

The NCAC continues to provide its research services and maintains the most comprehensive publicly available computer models for crash analysis on its web site under Finite Element Model Archive and Occupant Model Archive.

Some Useful Links:

  • FHWA Federal Outdoor Impact Laboratory provides information on a crash test facility for roadside hardware testing, located at the FHWA's Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center, McLean, Virginia.